How to start investing

Knowing where to start is half the battle. Drawing up a plan may be your best bet.


Improve your knowledge of the market and trading skills.


Research your training options. Focus on practical learning that provides a high probability of profitable conversion.


Set discreet and realistic goals. For example, earning an extra $500 monthly is feasible and moderate.


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Myths about stock market investments

You may think that investing in stocks and futures requires considerable capital. We also tend to imagine traders in the stock market as bold financiers (think The Wolf of Wall Street).

In fact, you can start here with a very low investment and controlled risk. Of course, training will be necessary for many, but it is not time-consuming, nor is advanced financial knowledge required.

What should you know to start making money with stocks and options?

When we designed this course, we focused on critical knowledge. The course explains the basic concepts necessary for getting started in the stock market.

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Dividends, ETFs, Forex, long and short trades. The financial sector has its own jargon. To many, this is foreign and intimidating. Our expert instructors can help you master this quickly. They make the concepts understandable and accessible.

Topics cover various trading and investment activities of the stock market and different business models. Equipped with this knowledge, you can choose the most appropriate model for you.

In addition to basic definitions, our syllabus includes essential stock market fundamentals, such as:

History of the main indexes

Economic and market cycles

S&P sector overview

Upward and downward trends

Financial data

Negotiation skills

We will help you manage your trading activities like a pro. You will learn how to manage money, value opportunity cost, and build a solid investment foundation. Gain invaluable knowledge on setting price targets and hedging losses. Develop the focus and self-discipline you need for successful trading.

Discover the power of market analysis

Earning profits with stocks requires knowledge. Master the basics and learn how to apply them to interpret stock market movements. The investment and operation examples on Eduplora equip you with economic analysis and evaluation skills.

Our courses give you the tools to decipher data from chart patterns, read indicators, and establish correlations. They give you access to a customized stock screener and a recorded live trading session.

The curriculum helps you devise an investment strategy suited to your objectives and determine criteria for choosing growth or value stocks.You'll quickly become familiar with the tools for long-term investing and earning dividends.

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Putting what you have learned into practice

Online training often overlooks a crucial element: how to apply the knowledge you learn to real life. Eduplora courses include tips on how to select a reliable broker and choose a suitable platform. You'll have the confidence to manage your orders and book and buy shares on your own.

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What is the key to success in the stock market?

It would be erroneous to say that success in the stock market depends on a single factor. However, there is a key element to this profession: self-control.

Since it is a volatile system, the psychological aspect can be intense. Getting carried away by euphoria or, on the contrary, being paralyzed by fear can lead to failure.

This can only be learned through experience, so we have brought in professionals to share their insights.

Our instructors will help you strengthen your ability to focus and develop emotional resilience. With the technical knowledge, practical examples, and expert mentoring acquired through Eduplora’s courses, you will be ready to start making money with stock trading in less than 90 days.

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